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BALBOA · BALBOA (catalogue)

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  • Danceable Swing Music with indicated Tempo (bars per minute):
    Not only "to use for dancing", but also lovely to listen to. A medley through the decades and Hit tunes of Swing Music.

  • In cooperation with Eveline und Philippe Causse the "BALBOA SWING" CDs were developped: as good to dance to as good to enjoy just by listening. BALBOA is a certain style to dance to fast Swing Music. Invented in California at the Balboa Island Casino in the beginning of the 1930s, a most popular revival of this dance is born: Here in Berlin Evi und Philippe are the parents of the Balboa revival, so is is a great honour to work together with these fantastic dancers.

  • In cooperation with Swing enthusiast and teacher Birgit Schaarschmidt in Frankfurt / Main the "SWING FOR DANCERS" series was born: Right now we proudly present our first 2 compilations:
    SLOW SWING FOR DANCERS is a medley of slow but dynamic Dance tunes, not only for beginners.
    SWING FOR DANCERS - MEDIUM TEMPO climbs up to well danceable LINDY HOP tempo.

  • Besides a quicklist indicating tracks, performer and dancing tempo, on the inside of the inlay cards there is the complete discographical information about every track. By this the series become a real "Collector´s Item".

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