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Not only optical changes are realized now in NEW COLORS and CHAPTERS:

The whole site works much quicker now and - although there is no more background music, even the friends of SWING MUSIC will find lots of sound files. There are many mp 3 - files to download in the chapter called "CD SERIES".

The homepage became easier to look at and the navigation bar on the left side is easier to handle.

Since a few years I am able to take back my own projects. Teaming with Norbert and Wolfgang Sahler and Uwe Subklewe, we just started our new EDITION ANTIKBÜRO.
On 15 th of september, the very first CD did appear :

FUD CANDRIX und sein Orchester, 1937 - 1939
A portrait of a Belgium Swing Band that still is very impressive and toured through Europe and even to Berlin in 1942.

Before refreshing the English version of the CD catalogue, please accept to take the German version. I am still working on it, and it is a lot of work to do... Thank you for being so understanding, and I hope you all still enjoy the SWINGTIME HOMEPAGE.

At any time you wish, you can change from the ENGLISH to the GERMAN VERSION OF THE SWINGTIME HOMEPAGE using the left handed NAVIGATION BAR.

As this site is all about music, there is a lot of music to discover. Normally, on all computers and in all browsers, the tools you need should be installed already.

The fixed TITLE (on top) will always lead you back to the GERMAN introduction site. With the NAVIGATION BAR, you can reach all parts of the homepage at any time.

Unfortuanally, due to a heavy accident this spring, I am not able to work as a DJ now. As I am still suffering from a broken ellbow, even the work on CDs is interrupted now. As soon as possible, there will be all new dates for SWING NIGHTS and DJ work updated monthly in the "DJ - PORTRAIT / Wuthe am Grammophon" section. In this chapter, you find now a personal CV and my thinkings about problems of playing 78's records in public and soundwork for digitalizing.

Another part of my collection is the old papar shopping bags of the 30s. Nobody really payed attention to those, but sometimes, the graphics and commercials are really beautiful. They show addresses and philosopjies of record stores and labels, they give an idea of the way and style of buying a record at that time.

In addition to a record collection, this is a quite interesting and urgent theme.

Some exemplary of shopping in the area around Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzien (Berlin's "Broadway" in the 20s and 30s) in the year of 1936 is shown in an article called RECORD SHOPPING IN 1936. Four famous shops are introduced : "ALBERTI - The specialized shop for original foreign records", "If Tango, Waltz or Fox - records only by TELEVOX", "Everything that sounds new - brought to you by ODEON" und "Records that you really like, sells RADIO BRÉE at Palais of Sports".

As a big research project, I publish my discographies of GERMAN SWING SERIES from 1936 to 1944. Although the politcal propaganda seemed to follow an ideology that prohibited all individual joy, the major labels published SWING MUSIC SERIES in the 30s - NOT ONLY FOR EXPORTATION!

A huge LINK SECTION shows addresses to RECORD SHOPS, SWING DANCING in Berlin, links to other homepages related to SWING MUSIC, GERMAN PUBLICATION and ARTICLES around 78's records, ARTISTS and BANDS and more...

Required: INTERNET EXPLORER 5.0, Auflösung : 1024 X 768, Soundcard

This "SWINGTIME" - homepage was made in html only, all handmade - mostly during nights - like the beloved SWING - MUSIC...

Special thanks to ELISABETH und WOLFGANG SAHLER, and all the other collectors, esp. GERD AHLERS, STEFAN STREIF (Berlin), MARKO PAYSAN (Hamburg), late WOLFGANG MUTH (Rathmannsdorf), HAJO LICHTENFELS (Köln), ANDREAS BEYERDÖRFER, OLIVER AXER, LOTHAR WIESE (Berlin), who supported my inspiration and offered ideas, documents and information.

Due to German laws from May, 12th 1998, I must explain that I am NOT RESPONSABLE for the contents of any homepage that is linked from my site. As there are many links to other sites , I dissociate from any topic or design of all other sites that are linked on this SWINGTIME - HOMEPAGE.

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